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No Line For 5 Weeks

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well tomorrow im off to the wonderful consuming land of the USA. just visiting some old friends and family as i use to live there.

quick question:

car will be sitting in the garage for 5 weeks. Anything i should do or dissconnect?? i mean 5 weeks isnt that long. (also got half a tank of juice that will be sitting)

i dont think, there would be anything, but definetly want to take car of my car even when im not using it.

cheers. be back in 5 :cool:

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disconnect battery. once you're back, drive easy until you top up the fuel (may question is not am I paranoid, the question is if I'm paranoid enough). It's only 5 weeks...will be fine

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You should also jack up your car so that the tyres don't reshape and put a cloth in your exhaust pipe so that rats or any other type of animal live in there.

Have fun on your trip!

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and lock it up well..

take one rim out or something and hide it.. hahah

you get the general idea..

ohh might be worth while doing an oil change maybe?? since the car is just sitting there for ages..

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