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Skyline, Stolen And Crashed On Albany Hwy


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its cause youre so close to girrawheen :pirate:

now now i am an old girrawheen boy we are allll not that bad :blink:

some people just wreck it for others ...... but i have came a long way Girrawheen to Mt Lawley!

huge jump!

(not ganna look back 2)

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Lol no the feelin i`m also a girrawheen boy back in the days 1988 before they started putting fencing around the schools.

Was funny when they did put fence around the school.

I moved all way close to canningvale so even bigger hop,skip,and jump for me...

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i know that 2 were stolen from darch last week

both had vic plates

one being the bayside blue r34 gtr plates UOC??? that i saw a few times in marangaroo

living in Darch, i used to see that car quite regularly. Is that the house that usually has a black R33 GTSt coupe there too??

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