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R33 Parts For Sale

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i will have a few parts coming off the car over the next week. all parts are in pefect working order, only selling due to power upgrade replacement.

stock turbo - this turbo is a freak, made 300rwhp on 1 bar, no shaft play and no leaks, have dyno sheet to prove power it made......SOLD

stock r33 fuel pump.........SOLD

stock r33 injectors, slight damage on end of one, just were i slipped with teh screw driver, will nto effect how it works at all, only cosmetic!!!!........$80

stock r33 air flow meter.........SOLD

intake part before throttle body.............$20

r33 brake booster with cylinder good condition....... $80

intake for stock turbo, chrome madrel alluminuim bend, pwr silicon hose to fit stock turbo and reducer to fit stock air flow meter.......SOLD

elbow for turbo chromed....SOLD

elbow for turbo polished....$20

3'' stainless dump to suit r33 turbo, was told its hks.......SOLD

stock r33 trubo manifold..........$40

stock manifold heat sheild chromed.......$60

refer to pics below cheers















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hmmm not sure about the airbox, it would go very close but cant say yes 100%. it bends around and puts the pod filter behind teh headlight, perfect fit, and sits above teh hole where the stock cooler pipe would be, which dras cool air thrwon up by the front tyre. would ship it for 10 bucks id say

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