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Sau Sat Oct 13 Skid Pan Day!


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Ok, due to time issues on my part, I will NOT be running another SAU exclusive skid pan day this year.

I am very sorry, but this cannot be helped or avoided.

However, the up shot is that you are all welcome to book into our last regular skid day held on Saturday 13 Oct.

We will be covering all the same style of things, with the same format for the day that you have become used to with us.

as per the other threads, you will need to email Grant on [email protected] for bookings. or 0439771788

You can expect bookings to go very quickly. So book and pay now. Some of you already know how fast the bookings go..

Don't come crying to me if you miss out. you have been told. LOL

that was last years clip.. still working on this years..!

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