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R32 Gtr 4wd Light On

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Help! Trying to work out what the hell this is.....

Computer says ETS pressure switch, have rang all the Import wreckers in WA, and no one seems to either have one or know anything about it. (It doesnt help that a lot of them have limited english, and I never paid attention to a second language in school.)

Basically I dont have 4WD at all, which although this is a lot of fun at times, its also a tad scary. Anyone have any ideas? I have read thru the forums, but cant find anything to do with this. I'm assuming this is what caused the leak of fluids from the back of the car. (initially I thought it was just a leaky back diff.)

Also my hicas light comes on intermittently, could these two things be related or are they seperate issues?

Thanks in advance!

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it's code 18 right?

the pressure switch is in the cradle right near the diff at the top...

check the earth lead on the cradle is connected properly on the cradle and body, it may solve the problem.

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Your spot on. looks like its the pressure switch. How do I go about soucing a replacement? Nissan wants a sh%% load for a new one, any other suggestions anyone? Exactly what is it I need to buy and replace?

Tell you what, might be a lot of hassle, but its worth it.... :) I'm sure with the amount of feeding fines I have paid the government will agree....

Anyone able to help me and the government get my baby back on the road?

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