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Fitting Gtr Fuel Pump


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Like it says, I have a R32 GTR fuel pump and just wanted to see what the tricks might be to fit it. I have cracked open the access panel in the back and there ain't much room to move for big fingers !

What's the best bet? Can i drop the tank out easy enough, or loosen the straps to let it sit down a bit lower so can get in there. I could not even get enough space to take the fuel lines off so could unscrew the top access point. Or should I be able to unscrew the big black 'lid' and get in without unhooking any lines?

Surely there is an easy way, learnt the hard way by one of you learned people :)



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cheers, that is exactly what i was searching for in the tutorials (obviously not very well).

Doesn't sound like a particularly fun job, car is going on the dyno on Tuesday so might have to get them to install it.

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