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R34 Brakes

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Hey guys

Id like you recommendations for a R34 GTT brake pad and its code or style if you have it as the stockers have been boiled and brake like crap.

ive heard a few suggestions but interested in a set for the front for about $150-$200 best bang for buck really.

Ive read about a few 3000s and 2500 being the most common but looking for other suggestions too.

Have to be high temp not much track work just a little, more so for road use. would prefer to stay away from bendix



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For road use why not just get standard nissan pads.. They do the job quite well

i had stock pads in the front on track day and i had no dramas.. This was in the 33, so i would assume no problems for your car either..

Otherwise i have used project mus before and i love it.. If i didnt get the standard pads for cheap, i would have bought another set of project mus

Those are under 200 :)

ps.. what a real life example of standard pads working quite well?? well tonight i was easily doin 120 around a corner up a hill.. truck pulls out around the corner.. i lock up.. in short- i stopped in time.. brakes worked very well :) for standard pads

heheh just my 2cents..

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Brakes work really well for stocks .. Except last time I used them I cooked them and they dont brake for jatz crackers... So wont be going down that path again lol

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Thats odd..

i used standard pads on the track day all day.. no brake fades etc etc..

been thru few twisties runs- no problems..

But i would get the project mu's

Also check out the 'what pads i use thread'.. in sticky section..

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bendix soft compound brake pads are aus std and are the ones recommended.. i have a hard compound pads that squeel now (which is quite normal) but im in the process of getting it fixed. These ones are racing pads and work best when they get heated up...

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project mu type ns $150 odd 0-400degree good street/spirited driving pad, lil to no dust and dont squeel, also they actualy work when cold and dont fade at all when hot...

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