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Fs: Hks Gt2835 Pro S .87 Kit

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HKS GT2835 Pro S .87 a/r + turbineless kit

Direct bolt onto RB20/25 DET. Kit includes everything needed (bolts,washers,gaskets etc)

BRAND NEW still in box

HKS front pipe BRAND NEW

Bolts directly onto HKS dump pipe included in turbo kit.

$3400 for both. Only sell 2getha


Same turbo kit as what nengun sell expect mine has bigger a/r size. This will increase top end power and help prevent boost drop off towards redline. Remember to factor in 3%+ import duties and 10% gst on top of nengun's price when comparing!!

Power fc for R34 GTT - comes with hand controller and 100% BRAND NEW Still in box with manual

Z32 air flow meter BRAND NEW still in box and comes with plug aswell

$1600 for both.

Nismo 480cc injectors- straight drop in for NEO. Only ever been installed onto fuel rail during cam install. But engine suffered damage and as a result opted for engine rebuild in near future. NEVER had fuel passed through them.


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the factory dump pipe/front pipe suits the factory turbo. A " aftermarket " turbo with its own dump pipe will need a front pipe to suit.

power fc + injectors purchased from greenline

Z32 afm from kudos motorsports...

No warranty on parts unfortunately...Cheapest price on net is pfc $1500 from ebay ( if u can find one), afm $335 from kudos, injectors $890 from sliding....total $2725....i have taken into factor that parts do not come with warranty and have reduced down to $2100.

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spot on abusd! I think all the time, effort, $$$ and technology that goes into desiging their dump/front pipes factor in that they would be mated with their turbos.

Sorry i will only sell the pfc, afm and injectors together. Reason is im parting with them to buy the wolf 3d v5. By the looks of your mods fujiwara, they all would be suited to your current mods....

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