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R33 Gts Metal Badges For Sale

andy kain

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As some of you will know SeriesII tried setting up a group buy for the GTS badges I have had done, but it didnt work as the minimum quantity wasn't reached, I also know that some were concerned over the cost of these badges. Well I have struck up a deal with the manufacturers and I am now able to offer these badges at $60 each + $13 P&P at international postage rates.

Here are some pictures of the finished item



Some photos of the badges fitted to cars





If you are interested please contact me by email to [email protected]

I am not a business, so I cannot take payment by bank transfer, only by paypal.

I have 30 of these badges ready to ship so if you would like 1 please contact me, or post your interest here and I will get in touch with you



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Just to let you all know that I have a new batch of these GTS badges ready to go and as I have bought in much larger quantity this time, I can afford to sell these now at $50 +$13 P&P.

If you would like 1 or 2 please send me an email to [email protected]

I am sorry but I can only accept paypal as form of payment.



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I would to sell these at less, but due to the conversion of AUS $ to UK £ it just wouldnt work out.

These are the live rates at the moment.

Live rates at 2007.10.22 10:06:17 UTC

30.00 AUD = 13.0126 GBP

Australia Dollars United Kingdom Pounds

1 AUD = 0.433755 GBP 1 GBP = 2.30545 AUD

Here is a link to a badge on ebay that is currently up for £16


Yes they will fit 32s with a grill.

I understand if the price is still too high for some. I will stop bothering you.

However if anyone would like a badge please feel free to contact me


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Yeah it costs money, but definately a fair price...I don't see anyone making an equal quality product for a similar price.

I just got some autobot ones done in plasitc - costing $80 each, and the GTS ones are just so cool

When I recover from my latest spending spree this is definately on my list to buy.

Good effort

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