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Timing Wire Black And White?


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Ive been using the white wire on the back of the coil pack loom to do my timing,and i read in another post that someone was using the black wire for timing.

What is the official wire or method to check timing?

and the black wire whats that for?

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I am not sure what car you have I think its an R33 GTST.

Mines an R33 GTST and I checked my timing by using the fattest wire connected to coil 1, I wasn't concerned with what colour it was. I was told by numerous people that the white loop in the coil loom that is at the rear top of the engine is unreliable. Don't forget to let the engine warm up to operating temp and disconnect your TPS.

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have u cut back the insulation on plug one loom so u can get a inductive timing light on it then? as i was scared to do that and cant fit light in there.and the wire should be white right?

and yes r33 gtst

I didn't cut back the insulation, just pushed it back enough to get the inductive pickup on the wire, it was kinda tight though. I just found an old photo and yeah it was a white wire. I am not sure whether this varies between models though so don't hold me to that. As long as its the fattest wire it should be right, I guess that would be the one providing the coil with the spark as it would need the most grunt for it.

When you're checking your timing remember to remove your snorkel and line up with the timing marks on the block, not from straight in front of the engine.

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