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Two 12 Sub And Sub Box In The Boot..


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hey guys

just installed sound system yesterday..

i give accel hard once... and notice i lost some power because of the weight of sub box..

you know sub box is pretty heavy... just like one person added up in car..

also when you turn volume high.. the boot lid is shaking baddly... make annoying sound.. you know you cant hear this shaking from inside but this sound is all you hear from outside...

and... the boot is so~ full... no space for anything...

i tried to dead that shaking by soft material such as forms... but... the sound is actually come from boot lid.... dont know what to do..

better sell one sub and box... and buy mdf to fit another sub in boot...

anyone wants it? rockford fosgate P1 12inch...

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anyone wants it? rockford fosgate P1 12inch...

Free? Awesome send it my way! :D

You can get rid of most of that rattling if you whack a whole heap of Dynamat into your boot + bootlid + tie down all loose wirings in the bootlid from the brakelight and in the rear quarter panels etc

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