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hi guys, this is my r33. Quick rundown. 93 series 1. heavy duty clutch, 3.5 exhuast, pacemaker dump front pipe, 20inch wheels ( 10 inch wide in rear, 9's in front) gold highlights in paint, front mount, cai, boost controller......ect

just returned from a week at the work shop, wider rear quarters, new window seals, all resprayed, now has re-map computer, hks 25/40. just had full service also.






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Your car with huge 20" wheels doesn't look too bad. :laugh: Usually car's with 20"+ wheels either look gay or look good in my opinion. Yours looks good. :)

I agree generally cars with 20" wheels look too over the top but they look awesome on your car. Hows the drivability with those wheels though?

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yer mate, it took a bit to get them to WORK so to speak. lipping and some negative camber... but soon guards are getting flared so we can drop it a little lower... but all in all it was worth the effort. thanks for your comments

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Looks really nice mate. I agree with the above comments regarding the 20's. Usually they look kinda wak, but you have got a nice set the suit the car well. :yes:

Now you just need to get some black number plates and the better perferated 'p' plates :blink:

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yer mate there called. moven, thats the brand name as for model im not to sure... but yer they suit the car very well.. thanks for the comment

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