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Stolen: White R31 Silhouette S3


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Hi All,

My R31 skyline was stolen from Unley on Aug 3rd.

It's a stock series 3 silhouette, white over gray.

The rego is UZJ-485 - if you see it anywhere please let the police know or PM me.



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Sorry to hear about the car :( will def keep a look out for you, whats strange was it happened in Unley ;) i didn't think theft would be very common around that area....

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It's been over a week now and it still hasn't turned up, so I'm guessing since nobody has seen it, it's probably off the road somewhere getting parted out ;).

Until mine got pinched I hadn't realised how many skylines are getting stolen at the moment - do many of them get found after more than a week?

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