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Rb25 Turbo Advice.. So Many Choices With Options So Close Together

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I am going shopping soon, need some advice.

My setup in a nut shell:

RB25DET Series 2 - stock internals (engine compression is 150-160psi across all 6 cylinders)

Greddy Plenum

100mm FMIC

550cc Injectors

Bigger fuel pump, Fuel reg


..think that's all the important stuff

Currently running stock turbo on stock exhaust manifold, 3" exhaust with Metal hiflow cat, no mufflers

I want 280-300rwkw with quickest response/most useable power.

I want it to have a fast 1/4 mile potential (mid 11's?), and also be good for drift/circuit (what everyone wants, right? lol)

I have been looking at a GT35 internally gated, it retails from horespowerinabox for ~$1600. I would simply bolt that on to my stock manifold and get my powerfc retuned and away I go.

Is this my best option for achieving "I want 280-300rwkw with quickest response/most useable power", or would it be wiser to run a different turbo that would make a bit less power (say 250-280rwkw) but have bs quick response?

Also, should I invest in cams and an exhaust cam gear (retaining VCT on the intake cam), at the same time when I do turbo upgrade. Will aftermarket cams & cam gear help with response time and making power, is it worth spending say the $1k on this given that I'm 'only' chasing somewhere between 250-300rwkw?




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From my thread on NS, it seems this has been the best response so far

GT3071R T3 external gate + cams will give you just on 300kw and a lot more responsive then the GT3076. Make sure that it's the true T3 version not the bastardised croped wheel version. Of course this will cost a bit as you will need a custom dump + the external gate but it will be the most responsive.

Agree/Disagree, thoughts?


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300rwkw = 3076

GT35 is 350rwkw+

That said - there are 100's of threads on this for that power goal, 3/4 the R33 turbo upgrade threads are 260-300rwkw.

If you only want to run mid 11's, you don't need 300rwkw, you just need decent tyres

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