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R32 Gtr Wheels On Gts-t & Are They Legal In Nsw?

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sorry guys i cant seem to search the forums... :thumbsup:

can i ask if factory r32 gtr 16x8 wheels will fit an r32 gts-t, and would they be legal?

i read somewhere that wheels can be 1 inch wider than factory to be legal, but dont know if factory on a gts-t means 16 x 6.5 or if there is an entry in the owners handbook (which i dont have) showing optional 7" wide rims or even wider, which would mean the 16 x8s should be legal if you get pulled over?

cheers, martin

im in sydney btw

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Depends on what state ur in, in Qld you can go to a maximum legal width of 8 3/4 wide on a R32Gtst so you can fit them up here. It may pay to ring the Transport dept & get the actual maximum amount from the horses mouth tho

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what does your wheel and tyre placard say?

As part of compliance one has to be added, whether it's in the passenger door opening or the glove box.

That will tell you the maximum wheel and tyre size fitted to your car, then you are limited by the restrictions on increases in size given on the rta website.

My r32 gtst's tyre placard had up to 17x9's on it as that was the wheel size fitted to the v spec gtr's.

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