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Official Thread *** Victorian Drift Club Practice Day ***


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Victorian Drift Club Practice Day

~ Saturday 5th September 2009 ~

This is an OPEN event for all (VDC membership not required), with no comp.

The beginners area will be open with tutors to help out the newbies.

Entry Prices:

$15 gate fee (Applicable to all inc spectators)

Driver Prices:

Between 4th August to 22nd August:

$110 Members

$120 Non-Members

Between 23rd August to 4th September:

$130 Members

$140 Non Members

On the day, with no guarantee of a place:

$150 Members

$160 Non Members

$20 - Passengers - We will not be accepting passenger forms before 9:30am as drivers are our priority!

Other Prices:

VDC membership $85 (Once off $20 admin fee incorporated)

VDC membership renewal $65

Payment Options and pre-entry forms can be found here:


* PayPal payments are now being accepted*

Pre-Entry is available and is now compusory to reserve your spot for the day. Not only does it save you money, it also saves time in the morning as you only have to show your cams/aasa license, pay (if you didnt pre-pay) and collect your arm bands! How easy is that!

Please encourage your mates to pre-enter too!

Pre-entries are now being taken. No direct deposits will be taken after the 2nd September.

Acceptable Licenses are: AASA or Cams L2NS - No license means no going on the track!

On the day purchase of AASA license:

AASA license $50

(Can be purchased at the Winton office on the morning of the drift day. This needs to be done before you come into the scrutineering bay to pay and have your car scrutineered as entries will not be accepted without proof of license or receipt of payment from Winton)

Please note : VDC board members will be checking aasa and cams licenses, this year we will be checking everyone. Please ensure all your licenses and memberships cards are valid.

The usual requirements as always are:

*Long sleeve and long pants of non flammable materials i.e. No Nylon

*Closed footwear

*Helmet that complies to Australian Standards (has ASA or Snell Sticker)

*Car needs to be in a good condition, no oil leaks, no loose items in the car and battery secure. It must pass scrutineering to be allowed on the track!

*Working seat belt/s (give it a pull and make sure it locks)

*Passengers will only be permitted in cars with half/full roll cages. Passengers must also be wearing the appropriate clothing, footwear and helmet. They must also abide by the track rules or they will not be allowed to go on the track. Drivers will also be held accountable for their passengers following the track rules!

* Every car must have the correct amount of wheel nuts:wheel studs. Get it right before you get to the track!

Basic Scrutineering Guide can be found here: http://www.vicdrift.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=674 - There will be NO EXCEPTIONS at this event!


Cant make this one, see below for the rest of 2009 events:


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Dam Winton is further than Shepparton also.. And i forgot i need a Helmet aswell rite?? If i take the AASA license can i use it for circuit days at winton and other circuits also??

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Dam Winton is further than Shepparton also.. And i forgot i need a Helmet aswell rite?? If i take the AASA license can i use it for circuit days at winton and other circuits also??

It's about the same distance as shep. Yes you will need a helmet and AASA only good for some tracks such as winton, not all.

the S13 that Rush put into the wall at the last comp day is all fixed now. So we'll be there again so Rush can put it into the wall again.

Good stuff!

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Like Russman said it's only good at a few tracks. If your thinking of doing more events outside of drifting at Winton(only drift track in Victoria atm), Cams and SAU membership is the way to go.

Just a reminder as well - DON"T FORGET TO PRE-BOOK!!!!! numbers are going to be cut at 70 and entry on the day is not guaranteed apparently. It is also cheaper to enter early.

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Hey guyz, This is my first time drifting so i wanted to know if 2 tyres are enough for the day or will i need 4??

And do they fit tyres onto the rim there are winton as after the day ill have to put back my normal tyres on the rim.... And should i be removing my fron bumper??

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Only take off your bumper if it is low. Should be fine though.

Tyre needs depends on power and how hard you're gunna go. If it's you're first time 2 used pairs may do or 1 decent set. Tyre changer is there all day. Doesn't balance though and it cost 10 bucks a tyre.

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Doesnt look like there are going to be many at this event!!! Has anyone pre booked ??

And aftr i change the tyres for drifting should i get them balanced as well?

Don't bother balancing drift tyres but you should do them for the road tyres. They don't do this at winton though. Only tyre changing.

Have a look on nissansilvia.com there are heap on there that will be going. Probably about 60+ cars.

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Was just looking at the NS thread and it looks like its gonna be house Full... Im glad to know that there is a newbie track there with 2 corners where i can learn!!! Will just need someone to Guide me...

So do i just ask someone there to guide me or how does it work??

Its my first time drifting, so i wanna do it the correct way!!

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Everything is explained on the day. Don't stress about all the small stuff. Have a read over the vicdrift website as there is plenty of info of what you'll need for your first track day then just get yourself there.

Don't forget to just have a thrash and some fun on the day :)

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