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Very Annoying Problem

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Hey guys Ive got adjustable teins suspension in my car not sure on which teins it is because it came with the car when I bought it but my problem is the front wheels hit the top of the inside of the guards sometimes when going over big bumps and sometimes scrapes up steep driveways, the rears are fine. Its not that low at all probably close to two inches from the tyre to the top of the inside guard. Do you think making the front stiffer would fix this problem? I dont think my shocks are worn coz there only about 2 years old. Any suggestions would be great.

And also where is a good place in Melbourne to take my car to have my suspension looked at or get work done?

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It will probably be a combination of ride height and your wheel sizes. Ive got tein SS and are lowered about the same as yours with 225/40/18 on the front and it only scrapes full lock turn on steep driveways etc. oh and if i hit a large dip at high speed it sometimes scrapes. I had 235/40/18's on the front and they scraped heaps more. oh and making it stiffer didn't help me.

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