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Compliance Problem Can I Have Some Ideas


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hi guys i have a problem witha S1 stagea i just imported is a auto been converted to 5 speed, since it was done not factory my compliance guys cannot comply since it was done non factory which is fair enought they have evidence for S2 5 speed but not S1

no what do i do

part it out (is a real nice car and is 2 nice to do has body kit etc ) or change back to auto and problem fixed i have never converted one to 5 speed so dont know how involved that would be and how hard it would be to convert back to auto

or try and sell it uncomplied to some who knows that it would need to be changed back to auto before compliance

any ideas would be greatly appriciated


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Hmmm, was the compliance shop aware it was a manual series 1?

First step

Have they confirmed they WILL comply it if you convert it back?

If you do convert it back, you could maybe rent the parts from nisswreck or someone.

Would take approx 6-8 hours with a hoist to convert it each way. Can you do it or do you have to pay someone? Might cost around $1000-1500 in labor alone.

You will have to do your sums. and decide is it worth it.

If you wreck it, how much will you get back verse the time to recover costs and effort compared to what it owes you

Apart from the hole cut in the floor for the gear stick and the firewall from the clutch master cyclinder, everything else will bolt back it in.

If it was me, I would convert to auto and back again.

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Nisswreck just got a Complete series 2 in with an auto box im pretty sure. However its a series 2 so i wouldn't be the one to tell you if their the same and would fit a series 1...

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S2 wont fit, AFAIK. The S1 in manual didn't exist, so you really have no option if you want it complied.

Another trap for the unwary. The Jap agent should have known about this, and probably even did.

My advice is ALWAYS talk to the compliance shops first. They know the best way to get the cars and the most (and of least) realiable agents to deal with.

Good Luck.

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TBH, I'm not sure who's at fault the most here - the importer who should have known better, or the end customer who really should have done a bit more homework on 'what' S1 Stageas are allowed. It's quite clear on the SEVS listing (http://rvcs-prodweb.dot.gov.au/sevs/031-02.htm) what models are eligible, and it's not hard to find out that the RSFS wasn't around for the S1.

I'm sorry for your predicament, but I wouldn't be surprised if this turns story finishes with an unhappy ending...

PS The yellow S2 Nisswreck has is a 2WD auto, and the engine/box had already been removed.

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