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I Had A Ride In An R35 Gtr Today!


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So, i know someone who owns an R35 GTR. I went to his workshop today and he took me for a spin. The car itself, only has 600kms on the clock, so he didnt cane the balls off it or use launch control. I was hoping he would use Launch Control, however he said he doesn't want to use it until the car has a few thousand KM's on it - fair enough.

Anyway, after a short "warm-up", we went through the back streets of Malaga and he showed me what it is "capable of". Holy shxt!

The accelaration is so smooth, the power delivery is so linear...it's almost as if turbo-lag is non-existant!

Every element of the car is just so perfect - it all seems to work together so prefectly. The gear changes/gear box is an amazing piece of innovation/technology. Each gear shift is so quick and smooth - it's almost like it isn't happening at all. When you downshift, the computer will "blip" the throttle - oh so cooool!

Words can not explain how awesome the R35 GTR really is. Being able to handle, brake, accelarate and do everything so well is just un-heard of!

After being a passenger and having my internal organs re-arranged, I can now see why motoring journalists and tuning shops are claiming the R35 GTR to be a super-car. Ferrari's Porshce's, don't stand a chance against this menacing machine!

If you ever get the chance to have a quick ride in an R35 GTR, welcome it with open arms!

Now for the pictures (as respect for the owner, i have blocked out the number plates) -






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Pfft, the guy I know with one let me drive his :P

Awesome cars though. I was under the impression that Launch Control was actually disabled in the ADM 35R's.

What really spun me out is the computer controlled take off.. you can feel the computer letting the clutch out and finding its' own friction point.. really bizarre :/

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i drove a GTR aswell and you dont see make making a entire thread for it.. .althought the ps3 controller didnt allow me to feel the computer launch that bubba described :P

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My cousin bought one last month and my uncle is also about to get one because the 35 pissed on my uncles modded evo9. Bought his in wangara with price tag $189k drive away. He just had his 2k service engine still being runned in. Also had a drove in it and I can assure you that it's king of the street. He told me he has a special key and code designed for specially for each gtr as engine varies in hp and each engine is built by a different mechanic in jap. Either way power is amazing and when you see/sit/drive one it's even better. It's value for $ as comparing to buy stallion or bull (Ferrari lambo)

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