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Vic Dyno Day - Sunday 30th August

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Hey guys,

Our little Nissan brothers, the Pulsar club of Australia, are organising a Dyno run in VIC on Sunday 30th of August and anyone is welcome to attend.

I am a member of that club as I also own a Pulsar SSS, but I will be taking my V to the Dyno and there will be other cars also.

So if you are interested let me know and I'll organise it, the details are below:

"Ok, so I've organised a Dyno Day for us Vic guys. Please find the details below. Normally a power run is $80 bucks from Sam, who is the king of SR and RB tuning here in Vic.

When: Sunday 30th of August

Starts 11am goes to 5pm (or whenever all the cars are done)

Where: Dr. Drift Tuning

Unit 5 / 9 Alick Rd

Brooklyn, Victoria

Money: $50 a car. This includes hooking up a wideband to measure AFRs, and a boost guage to measure boost levels, meaning this doubles as a car health check (: $20 deposit required, please see below.

We will be running a Barbie with snags and cold drinks. (well maybe warm depending on the weather).

Please confirm your attendance here, and if you're going to pike please let me know in advance (rather than not at all). A deposit is just that, it's to stop you piking and if you do not come deposit is forfeit.

Please pay deposits at the Photoshoot day, or make arrangements with myself.

Linky to Dr. Drift: http://www.drdrift.com.au/"

I tried to put a link to the thread, but the thread is only open to members so it will not show!

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Hey guys how you doing?

Took the car to the Dyno today, did 169.6 rwkw, not too bad for a complete stock AT.

The spacer is still to be installed, not enough time as yet :)

But I'm getting married in 1 1/2 weeks so I'd better install is soon otherwise wifey will take all of my spare time, whatever is left of it anyway! :)

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Nice to know what your car runs before you start any work on it. Nice figure too!

Just leave the spacer kit lying around... she'll want you to install it to get it out of the way :)

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Just leave the spacer kit lying around... she'll want you to install it to get it out of the way :thumbsup:

Great tip Sam I'll leave it lying around in the way somewhere :D

What fuel did you use when you dyno it? was it fresh?

Fresh fuel from that morning, 1/4 tank, mixed with a little bit of fuel that was still left in the tank. Shell V-Power.

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