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Tein , Hsd Coil Overs To Go

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okies well i have a set of near new hsd tt's with around 1000km on them cost me $1399 from otomoto so they should still have warranty on them for 12 months.

and a set of tein HRs with the extra slave springs in them, the teins have one blown coil over from the rear so could do with some love and attention the other 3 are fine.

i am after $1500 for both sets pick up from brookvale can ship at buyers expense.

they are to suit a r33 skyline

prefer not to separate.


The new TT type coilovers from HSD have been designed with every-day driving comfort as a priority. They use a twin-tube damper design (hence ‘TT’) which is less aggressive than the large-diameter mono-tube type dampers in the HR series. Spring rates are also generally 20-30% softer than the race-oriented HR series. In most cases the top mounting plate features a rubber bushing to reduce noise and harshness, but for strut replacements a camber-adjustable pillow-ball top is used for a larger range of camber adjustment.

Like the HR series the new TT uses an adjustable base bracket for easy height adjustment. The dampers also feature a 12-step adjuster for damping force. For a low-key appearance the aluminium lock rings and top plates are anodised grey, with black springs and brackets. The spring rates listed are our standard specifications. Alternative springs are available to order.

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they are good quality and they have a nice smooth ride but i changed my plan for the car and am now after a firmer coil over for track / drift

people have said change springs but i want another set of bc's as i had therm in my last track day car and i have already done all the home work with them so it is easier for me.

and the teins came out of it when i did the hsd's so that is why i have them.

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