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**autosports** Oran Park "grand Prix" Circuit, Thursday 17th September.


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We are pretty stoked to be able to bring this date to you guys. Those that have driven this track will agree that it is without question the best permanent race track in the country

Those in the know also know that this track will 100% be closed at the end of this year and this could seriously be one of the last chances you will ever get to drive this circuit.

* $250 per driver

* Includes qualified driver trainers

* Official timing

* strictly 4 groups of 15 cars running 15 minute session

There is really only five weeks till these event and we dont want to wait till the last minute to get numbers sorted. I also don't think that it will take too long to book this event out given that dates on the GP circuit are so hard to access.

So if you want to experience driving this amazing and rewarding Grand Prix circuit... register for this event now and don't miss out!

TO REGISTER... CLICK HERE > http://autosports.tixi.com.au/oranpark

Link to thread for this event on Autosports forums for additional information is > http://forums.autosports.com.au/showthread.php?t=2192

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Hey Peddler,

Long time no see. I registered for this great day. I loved SAU GP and I will like a repeat. I hope I reserved my spot via this TIXI reservation but, the $250.00 ticket costed me $264.30. So people if you register expect a little bit more!



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