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(nsw) Fs: Pair Of Reverse Sensors

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I have a pair of reverse sensors up for grabs. located in sydney. they are no brand but they perform really well. my mate has used these in his camry for years now. so it's safe to say that it's durable.

-sensor itself detects up to 1 metre.

-comes in black colour from the box.

-digital in-car display INCLUDED.

NOTE: It's compulsory to install the display screen because the beeping sound comes out of it. However if you still prefer without the display, you can safely tuck it away somewhere on your car. The display is only small. roughly 3/4 length of a 5 dollar note.

price: $50 each

quantity: 2 LEFT!

condition: BRAND SPANKING NEW in box

* Ignore the blue lines. they're obviously there for special effects lolz



*Edited but this is what it looks like when working. LEDs is in deep yellow.




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