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Hks Hyper D Coilovers - R33 Gt-r

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Set of 4 HKS HYPER D Coilovers - they came inside with an R33 GT-R that I recently imported that already has coilovers on it.

Unsure of age, kilometres, specs or condition of them, as I have not fitted them. Visually, they appear excellent with no leaks and barely any scratches on them as per the attached pics.

First in, best dressed - you won't pick up a set of HKS for $600 bucks again :P

Pick up from Berwick/Pakenham area...

Kitch 0413 007 783




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So they are for the AWD GTR right?

I had HKS Hyper Ds in my r33 GTS-T but are buggered. Your right about the price, ya wont see them at that price for long.

If the could fit in a 1994 s1 GTS-T rwd I would buy them off you right now. Do they come with the adjustment tool?

No point in me wishin aye. Good luck with the sale. They should go like hot cakes.

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