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Hey guys,

Im looking at upgrading my turbos. I just want to know the difference between 2860 -5s -7s -9s.

I want to keep them in the stock locations for the time being though. From what i have gathered the -5 will give me the largest top end. Also there is a turbine housing option what is the difference between the two and what is the better option.

Thanks for your help

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The -7 is pretty much outdated. Same as an N1 turbo

The -9 is the same as the current HKS GT-SS turbos. A really good choice for a responsive 270-320rwkw with drop in 256 degree 9.1mm lift cams

The -5 is very similar to the HKS GT2530 and is good for 350-400rwkw with 260 degree high lift cams

They come with .64 turbine housings. The optional .86 turbine housings don't bolt up to GTR dump pipes and are a bit big for 1.3L worth of engine anyway. I could see the .86 working with -5 turbos on a high compression RB26/30 but def not a stock RB26.

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