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17" Jap Wheels *melbourne*

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Heya all,

Looking to do a trade / swap of my wheels i got on my car atm. There are jap brand wheels, 17" with an offset of +37 (not 100% sure but they clear on my R34 with no spacers) Tyres on them are all 75% ish with the rears being Goodyear Eagle F1 225/45z/r17 an the fronts 215/40z/r17 Roadstone N7000.

I have not had a problem with wheels have had on the car for bout 2 months maybe, one main gutter rash shown in pic an the usual lil stuff round the edges all done before me.

Im looking for these wheels either a trade on another set of 17" maybe 18" wheels ( with cash adj if needed) Or a last case a set of stock R34 gtt rims with cash my way.

Post here of just pm, cheers



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