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R32 Gtr 1993 For Sale

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ive got my gtr for sale which is extensively modified. mods follow as below

step 2 HKS pistons oversized to 87mm

Eagle rods

blueprinted and balanced crank.. 10k safe redline

step2 HKS cams 272deg 10.4lift both inlet and exhaust

machined valleys to fit cams, exhaust and inlet ported and polished and enlarged.

HKS valve springs and retainers

HKS cam gears and belt

modified standard oil pump for more flow and pressure

oil galleries modified in the head

trust sump extension.. now holds 7.5lts of 300V

all gaskets including headgasket lifted from the nismo race car.. fkn expensive!!!

block bored to 87mm cap up from 2568 to 2650 roughly

stock exhaust manifolds ported and enlarged to suit a pair of GT2871r -10s

really f**king quick...

custom Jim berry clutch full monty... cost too much but best clutch ever.. easy to use and no slip at all.. built to withstand 800kw according to the man himself

aftermarket dump pipes.. unsure of brand.. possibly xforce.. full 4" exhaust cat back.. also comes with stock exhaust for epa purposes

exterior clean and stock.. originals and black metallic paint job

has slotted rotors and new bendix ultimate pads

Apexi N1 racing suspension

Greddy strut brace

interior clean except for a bubble on the passenger side dash.. seats and carpet in excellent condition. no wear marks at all because i dont even drive it.

roof lining perfect

has jvc dvd player, Gizzmo EBC, autometer ultra lite series gauges.. boost, oil pressure and a/f meter

standard GTR steering wheel unmarked

car is running 300V chrono in the motor and gear ff Comp type 2 in the 2 diffs and gearbox..

new fluid in transfer case

Engine has approximately 99xkm on it.. i ran it in and that was it...

No rwc but with 12month rego august 13th 2010 :huh:

looking for 25k firm.. spent alot more then that but im in the shit and it needs to go asap.. ive got 1 week to get rid of it and find somewhere to live :P

Thanks guys

p.s will get photos up tonight including photos of the reciepts for the engine

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