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Trust/greddy T78 33d Full Turbo Kit For R32 Gtr, From The Air Filters To The Exhaust Tip

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Selling the turbo setup off my motor as I have gone back to a twin turbo setup. The parts are in excellent condition. Turbo setup was tuned for 17psi so its had a very easy life so far.

This setup would suit a R32 GTR as the exhaust system wont fit a 33 or 34.

the setup includes:

Trust/Greddy T78 33D Turbo rated at 720ps (I made 470awhp on 17psi) the highest boost it has seen is 19psi on a dyno run, left at 17psi

Trust/Greddy stainless steel exhaust manifold

Trust/Greddy external waste gate with screamer pipe

Trust/Greddy heatshield

Trust/Greddy compression tube

Trust/Greddy Power Evolution II cat back system

Custom dump/front pipe with new heat wrap freshly applied

Apexi power intake 80mm air filters

Z32 air flow meters

various fittings and lines for water/oil/vacuum

post-19425-1250317486_thumb.jpg post-19425-1250317189_thumb.jpg

Im after $6000 o.n.o and located in Brisbane.

please PM me on here or more info or detailed pics, thanks

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hey mate quick question abit off the topic. ive got the pretty much the same set up on my gtr thats coming in from japan.. how is the turbo on response? and how come your going back to twin? cheers mate.

Hey, the turbo was very nice to drive on the street, response was very good considering the size, alot of the response I had might of been due to the heavily counter balanced crank I put in, could drive around town without getting onto boost, but put the foot down and she would just take off.

The reason I am selling this is because I have recently purchased a r33 gtr n1 track car and have pulled the built motor out of my r32 gtr and installed it into the r33 minus the turbo setup, and decided to use the n1 turbos for their response/tourqe curve.

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your avatar says bigger is better

any chance you wish to upgrade

to http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Rb...82#entry4948982

hey, sorry but I have gone back to a small twin turbo setup, and would prefer the $, thanks

i believe he has already got his turbo kit al sorted and piping and so forth already made to suit

this t78 kit is an awesome but of gear guys and its seriously in A1 condition you wouldnt find any better and as comprehensive kit for the money

cheers Jon, I am currently using an N1 turbo setup, using the motor for tarmac/circuit work now, which the twins are better suited than the big single was.

hi, do you have a contact number very interested in this setup.



pm'ed mate

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