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2004 Maxima Issues


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Hi guys,

I am not sure if this is the right area to post this but I am hoping some here might be able to help me.

I have just purchased a 2004 Nissan Maxima and I am having a few issues.

The first issue is that the cruise control works but after a while I notice it deactivates (like when you put your foot on the break) and I have to reactivate it and after 10sec's or so it will do it again. If does not always seem to happen but I am thing that it might be sort of heating issue? Would anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

The second thing is that the doors automatically lock once the car goes over 25Km/h but once you come to a stop only the drivers door will unlock. The other doors either have to be manually un-locked or use the un-lock all doors on the drivers door to un-lock all the doors. Does this seem right? I do not think it is meant to do this as reading in the user manual it should unlock once you pull the handle from what I understand.

I would love it if some one can shine some light on these annoying issues.


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Both of those problems are factory settings.

Have you checked out www.maximasdownunder.org or www.maxima.org ?

I use both and since using havent paid anyone to touch my Maxima since, both very good sources of information for Maxima's if you do actually have real problems.

Cruise control is meant to turn off when the brake is depressed, other factorys turn it off, such as the clutch, manually changing gears in auto models, sometimes going up a steep hill the A/T computer wants to downshift 2 gears, the CC gives up and lets the driver take over.

Doors locking is normal, unlocking only the driver's side is normal too, so nobyd can jump in the passenger side as the driver gets out, hide in the car then hotwire it. See how those new Alfa Romeo's only have door handles on the driver / front passenger doors? People are getting more paranoid about cars,

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Did you buy it off a dealer or private sale re: warranty?

And even if it were a private sale, have either of these problems been attended to before by Nissan of late?

Again, a wty Q.

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Thanks for the replies.

With regards to the cruise control I know it will turn off when I break I was using that for a example of how it deactivates (does not actually turn off the cruise control). Sorry I do not think I explained that very well.

No I think there is some thing up with the cruise control as I have had 4 other cars in the pass with this feature and know well how it should work. It just seems to turn off all by itself on flat straight road and I am touching nothing except the steering wheel. I have bought this off a Ford dealer and it only has 12mnth warranty that covers engine gearbox but I will still mention it to them as I have to take it in this week to get the tinting done on it. I will then take it too my Nissan dealer that I bought my Nissan Navara from and let them go over it and let me know what it needs doing.

If that is the case with the doors it seems silly that the passengers cannot just pull the leaver on the door (when in the car) to open the doors. At present the only way to open the doors once the car has stopped is by them manually un-locking the car and then using the leave, or for the driver to use the un-lock all doors switch on the drivers door switch panel (where the power window switch's are). I can also use the remote and it will un-lock all the doors as well.

Thanks a lot for the links. I should ask what are the main differences with our Maxima's to the USA? I know that ours are based on different platform from Japan what is called Teana and the USA maxima is also actually made in the USA as well.

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Just eletrical problems then man, Nissan might cover it, otherwise an Auto Electrician can do it. Either of those sites will have a solution if you're up for having a go yourself, dunno much about the newer Maxima's but I'd say the Cruise Controll computer and lines are seperate from the main ECU harness, could get tricky if the problem is'nt in the interior, and the Door Lock / Time Control Module is still under the steering collumn, not too hard to get at, will be a piece of cake, either the controller or the driver's side door.

America now produces their own Maxima's.

They've stuck with A3x since A32 Maxima's, we did so until A34 when it switched to J31 - 32. Sometimes its sold as the Teana/Cefiro, depending on location, or sold as a level down from the Maxima, with different trim and the smaller engines. USA models are also tuned a little higher (factory) than ours, they've done that since A33. USA seems to think Maxima's are sports cars seing as they can't get Skylines n shit, on www.maxima.org some guys pull over 400 fwhp, and I've even seen a 10 second A32 :)

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