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V35 - Twin Turbo - Coupe - Nismo, Power Enterprises, Rays Etc.

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Reposted due to massive price reduction - wasn't able to edit my last thread.

2003 V35 Skyline Coupe - Twin Turbo

VQ35DE(TT) - 3.5 litre V6 fitted with Power Enterprises Twin Turbo kit:

  • 2 x PE1420 Turbos on custom manifolds
    Front mount intercooler
    High volume sump
    Larger fuel pump and injectors
    Custom piping and air intakes
    HKS Fcon V Pro computer

Other mods include:

  • Nismo - Aftermarket LSD Diff
    Nismo - Exhaust
    Nismo - 280km/h gauge cluster
    Rays CE28N Time Attack edition rims ( 18 x 9.5 +22 )
    Near new slotted rotors
    Project Mu pads
    Pedders lowered springs

This car combines outstanding performance, looks, driveability and comfort.

Unlike the 350Z on which it's based, the V35 Coupe comes with a rear seat and still has a decent sized boot. It is a very comfortable and competent cruiser but can also be unleashed on the weekend at the track or strip.

Only 26,xxx kms on the clock

PRICE: $37,000 or trades with a cash adjustment my way

CONTACT: 0408 155 206 or PM











Notes -

The car has received a light car-park scrape on the LR wheel arch (not pictured) this will be repaired prior to sale on receipt of a deposit.

The standard springs are currently fitted (driveway issues) the lowered springs can be refitted or provided with the car.

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