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Gtr Suspension Set Up For Drags


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Hey boyz can anyone give me any info on camber toe specs and whether you should run harder setting in the rear?

My car is a r32 gtr has gab adjst coil overs all round i going to run street slicks also going to fit adjustable arms for caster and camber adjustment.

Its makes 573awk on pump fuel so race fuel and no2 should make about 650kw also what tyre pressure you guys run on m/t et drag radials?

Any help would be appreciated thanx in advance

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auto or manual?

do some testing measuring the contact patch marks on the road....this is how i did it...the result...

1.37 60' with less power than you will have.

basic principles in setting up a 4wd drag car are the same...its the fine tuning that nets the final result...no two cars are the same.

good luck with it.

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Thanx Paul

Auto transbrake. so basicly try to get 0 camber when the car leaves the line yea? and 0 toe when its out of the whole

should i stick with the coil overs or go back to standard suspension?'

Thanx heaps Paul

coilovers allow the car to sit flatter on launch...i gained 60' times going back to coilovers. I had my stockers revalved with 90/10 fronts and 60/40 rears and had trouble keeping the front wheels on the track...so they were shelved. You want about 1mm toe in both sides and positive camber in the rear so you gain contact patch when it launches. Best thing to do is change/test/measure until you see maximum contact patch on the road. Get a nice high ride height with the coilovers and set them with soft bump hard rebound in the rear and the opposite in the front and it should 60 nicely for you. Dom should know what tyre pressures to run with the weight of your car...im not giving all the game away for you...lol

hope this helps...all the best

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