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hey all time to free up some room and raise some funds,

all parts are in near brand new or brand new condition,

prices are slightly negotiable, as i believe they have been fairly priced (if anything iv'e lost out on some).

pick up is from JPC in malaga or mirrabooka, will post at buyers expense.

1* HKS T51r Kai , never used since been rebuilt (grant-performaz), and CIC ceramic coated, v-band, $2000

2* HKS TWIN 3037's, high mount, complete kit- turbos, manifolds,dump/front pipes, gates etc, full ceramic coated,

bought from fellow forum member recently, $4000, -thats $1k cheaper than wat i bought them for!

3* TWIN HKS GTR-S's, never used since rebuilt (grant-performaz) and CIC ceramic coated, $2000

4* TRUST T517's, excellent condition, approx 6000kms, still on car, can see running, safe 440hp, very responsive $1500

5* GTR34 KAKIMOTO 3" s/s cat back, no dents, excellent condition, $500

6* GTR34 TRUST Ti cat back, very quiet for Ti, excellent condition, no dents, $1000

7* 19 x 10.5 +12 WORK MIESTER's, come with 265/30/19 yokohama advan neova semi's, excellent condition, only

been on car bout less and 100kms, gold with polished lip- gangster spec wheels- $3500

8* 19 x 10.5 +12 SSR PROFESSORS, black with polished lip, approx 500km's, with 275/30/19 archilles, $3500

9* 18 x 9 +20 BBS RGR shadow chrome, 265/35/18 yokohama racing slicks, excellent condition, one of the lightest

wheels ive ever picked up, come with BBS wheel nuts $2000-tyres cost me more

10* 18 x 10 +20 ENKEI NT03, white, concave, very rare wheel in this size/offset, pristine condition, brand new N7000

tyres, very light strong wheel, $2000

11* RIPS RACING INTAKE PLENUM+100mm TB, brand new, brushed ali, work of art, $1200- including accelerator


12* RIPS RACING FUEL SURGE TANK for r34's,brand new, brushed aluminium, twin 044's, mounting kit, $1100

13* TRUST/GREDDY DRAG INTERCOOLER, very big, excellent condition, 710x305x165 for GTR, $1100

14* EOI - RIPS RACING 3ltr bottom end, with custom jun race head, with the lot, ie extensively port/polished, jun

everything-retainers, guides, cams, springs etc etc, i sent the head over to NEW ZEALAND for Rob to assemble it all

together, dial in the timing etc then shipped it back here, also has RIPS custom sump with extral oil provisions etc, it

will come complete with choice of RIPS RACING plenum or HYPERTUNE RACING plenum, all that is needed is the

ancillery's- p/steering pump, ac, etc, and choose ur turbo set up and away u go, this has been sitting on engine

stand and has been hand rotated weekly, this was RIPS most delux package he had at the time, any more info

required feel free to sms or pm . OFFERS around the $14-15000 .

Collin 0404 124 608 sms or pm


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Hi Collin,

Just wondering if the t517z come with all the block off's and oil dump?

Also is this the 8 or 10cm T517z



Good question, as I bought the car with these just been put on I not sure , but as I will be removing them I'll include all Nesessary mounting hardware with them, I will have to check and confirm if these are the 8 or 10cm versions

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