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Rb25-30 Motor. Rebuild Bottom And Top End

joe blo

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got my rb25-30 motor to sell.

-has prescision endurotec cast pistons (not forged pistons)

-king bearings

-moly rings

- everything done ready to bolt into car ie, vct line, water gallery welded, block drilled and tapped for 2nd tensioner

- comes with tensioners and timing belt

- reconditioned rb25 oil pump

- head fully rebuilt

- bottomend bored 40thou oversize

- standard rods

- genuine nissan headgasket

- new rb25 headbolts

motor is assembled read to put in car hasnt been run

yeah i got receipts

has cam gears and vct thing that goes onto cam gear or whatever it is

doesnt come with coils

complete rocker covers to sump and has vct oil line with it

i have photos. havent put em on computer yet but will put em up tomorrow after i put em on computer

price is 2000 dollars if ya want it no less. dont be a idiot and try get it for less coz ya wont. if ya need to feel like ya got a good deal pretend were starting at $3000

no tossers. hate the bullshit

either pm or sms me for contact 0449 140 132

located brisbane northside

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