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R34 4 Door Zilla Or 25/30 ?

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Hey I'm new here but I thought may as well ask for some ideas. I have a r34 gtt 4 door mods:


300lph motorsport fuel pump

Turbotect boost t ( set to 8 psi)

Bc series street coil overs

3" exhuast

That's about it that I know of not sure what the previous owner done apart from the cheap china radiator he put in that I split down the core the other day.

Pretty much what I wanted to ask what should I do should I build the neo 25 det, should I drop a rb26 in it and build that or should I go the 25 neo/ 30 block either way im going to park the car up soon and start with the build it's just trying to figure out which route to take. I want to try and reach 280/300 rwk but I want to do a solid built that is reliable not just do a couple of things wined the boost up and blow it sky high. So what do you reckon guys?

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