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So after a long... Long time.

MechWarrior is coming back to the gaming world. I'm epically excited and have been watching it for a little while. I'm sure a few of you older fellows would remember it very well and no doubt played :D

It'll be free to play online, but there are Premium options you can pay for and earn extra c-bills and xp etc.

There is a special "Founders Pack" that was announced today as well with varying costs and you get some bonus stuff, more exp/c-bill earning % etc.

Check out the site for more info:


Now for the cool shit:

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Oh wow! Thats a name i havent heard in a LONG time.... I used to love that game!!!

The local INTENSITY used to have full pods setup and they were linked, it was so good back in the day!

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looks good. Dont know if i like the idea of having to pay extra for exp and c-bills though.

You get xp & c-bills, just at a lesser rate than someone who pays for Premium.

So if you are really into it, there is a bonus - but like any game where you have to grind a little - you could be playing a lot and not need Premium vs someone who plays a bit less but uses Premium to counter it.

That said as long as the matching system is decent, and not anything like the abortions that Blizzard have used for years, then it should be great :)

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I wonder if you can still get the original game to run on PC systems now? I might go search for it just for sh!ts and giggles :D

I managed to get Mech Warrior 2 (my favourite game back in the days of the Cryix 686) 1/2 working on win 7 using D-Fend, athough I can't get sound to work... :dry:

Back to topic: looks sweet, going to give it a try now.

As for the pay for extra xp & credits, looks like a similar model used for World of Tanks (& I enjoyed that game a lot even if the match maker in that game is shit from time to time).

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  • 3 weeks later...

I thought there had been one but my search fu failed pretty spectacularly

It was on the first page you silly n00b Jacob :P

I'll sort my legendary out tonight. I know my bro has as well. Keen as FARK!

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Been waiting for this game for ages, bought the legendary pack the day it was announced lol. Good fun trying to explain spending that much money on a free to play game that hasnt been released yet

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I'm all paid up - very strange paying for a game before you get it LOL...

If it's anything like the other games though, i'll be stuck on it for years. Was the only reason i upgraded PC really

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No set release date - set for Q3 2012 far as i know.

BETA starts in the next few weeks... Hopefully i get in :D

The more i read and see about this game, the more epic it looks like it will be. Looks to be a LOT of content will keep coming over the first 6-12 months as well via enhancements to mechs, customisation and all sorts of rad shit (all free).

Only issue with that means it could potentially be quite buggy. Lets hope it's not like some other releases of recent times where users are essentially beta testers for 6 months

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