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Rb20det cutting out low revs

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Hey guys. Ive posted before about this before. I thought i fixed my issue where i found a slit hose. my car would cut out at low revs, complete power loss then come back. Its completely stock rb20det

Ive done all my research. Ive read many forums but nothing is helping me.

I start my car go down the drive way drive off and bam at like 1-2k rpm the car starts hesitating and i cant accelerate. Its happened after ive put a dump pipe on. All connections are fine. Everyone keeps saying different things im really confused. Can anyone lead me into the right path. What should i be looking for.

It doesnt sound like a vacuum leak or coilpacks because its not missing.

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This is happening to me i have absolutely no idea why. It seems to drive fine nothing wrong then all of a sudden it cuts out its like the key has been turned off while im trying to accelerate. if im at a complete stop and it begins to do it, it sounds cammed and wil rev high then drop down to the point of almost stalling then rev back up then do the same thing. When its doing this i cant give it any accelerator at all it just bogs down, ive replaced the CAS twice, checked TPS, AFM Cleaned, checked coilpacks. I have no idea what this could be :(

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