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Building rb30det

So i am going to start building a RB30DET to go into my r32 gts-t and i am after opinions on  the parts i am looking at using so far.

Rb30de block - already has turbo provisions

rb26dett head

JE forged pistons 0.5mm ovbersized 

Spool rods

272 degree 10.1 Reimax race camshafts with supporting head mods

Proflow intake plenum

6 boost exhaust manifold

Borg warner s300sx-e 69mm

1200cc deatschwerks injectors.

3 x top speed 345LPH fuel pumps

Yaris coil pack conversion

1.2mm oil restrictor

ACL race bearings 

rb26 head studs

will be using a rb26dett gearbox converted to rwd

 running factory steel rb26 adjustable cam gears

Looking for recommendations on 
drive shafts
head gasket





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