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sav man

Ben's R32 Gtst Build

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Well i've been told to make a build thread by damo (djrift)

I've been club racing my R32 GT-R for the past 3 years, and got it to the point where the car was too fast for club racing. It's a neat road car, so I didn't want to buture it with a cage and what not, and more to the point I don't have wads of cash to throw at it.

So after talking to some people before Targa I decided to get a gtst to race in the Tas Super Series. Then I cracked the shits after Targa (for more reasons than the crashes, but I won't go into that), and decided to build it in line with the Targa rules, with the plan to set the car up, and learn it in the Tas Super Series next year, and enter Targa in 2011.

I was lucky enough to find a car locally with no engine and gearbox, the chassis rails are straight as, and the only rust was under the rear pods. The guy was going to build it into a race car, but decided after pulling it into 1000 peices that he wanted to get rid of it. So a few weeks ago Dad, Damo and I went and picked the car up. We filled my car, Dads car, and the skyline with the parts. Damo said he was keen to help, so we'll be spending the next 6 months building it

Got the car to Dad's and put it in his back yard, while he cleared a hole in the garrage. While he did that i got a cheap GT-R bonnet, front bar, boot, and rear wing. And sold the gtst bonnt off.




awaiting a dirty cheap rb20


GT-R bonnet on.


Horay...finally in the garage on the hoist


still full of crap


wheel has seen better days



previous owner has removed a lard chunk of the tar :P




still left me with some to clean up.



ta da



removing the wiring loom



full loom out, and ready to be chopped up.


more sound deadener, this weighed 5.5kg....and hid more tar


fan, heater, ac, and pedels removed to get the deadener out.


horay...more tar


passengers side done :) just the center and drivers side to go.


i'm planning to get a bond weld-in kit now.

Edited by sav man
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Hoorar the ball is rolling as we all know you cant actually build a race car without a build thread. they just never get finished other wise.

i think you forgot to thank damo for being such a grate bloke. then for finding a Grate Gtst for you and also letting you work on his Gtst to show you how much more fun they are to work on than GTRs.

many fun times will be soon had on this car and hopefully ben will keep the pics flowing.

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What is going on, people wasting all their hard earned only lowly GTSt. LOL if anyone wants to buy mine and save themselves a fortune :P

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if i wanted to spend a fortune i'd have got a gtr. gtst is pretty good value for money to go racing

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This will be a good one to watch, nice purchase - it looks pretty damn clean!

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top stuff!

I always wanted to build a track 32 gtst - but never had money or patience!!

will be following this thread!

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Great stuff Benny, you're doing a thorough job mate, rate it! :P

Team GTS-t for 2011? :)

definatly team GTS-t!

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So what is the plan for cage, suspension and running gear? Very interested to see what weight you end up getting the car down to.

LOL, so many of the cool cars you see for sale or being built up are in Tas :)

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Benny, let me know if you want my fully hectic Apexi N1 coil overs for the circuit.

Otherwise, I too am interested to know what you're thinking susp wise? Interested in joining me in a bulk buy (well, two of us :down:) of some Murray Coote stuff?

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The minimum wieght for Targa is about 1180kg from memory (factory -10%). So I'm planning to get as close to that as I can, so i'm cutting away everything i can, unfortinatuly my car is a 1992 model, and has the side intrusion, so i'm working how to cut that out. I'm likeing the look of some Buddy Club P1 QF wheels, as they are light as. GT-R lighter bits here and there, there are a few rusting GT-R's being wrecked in tassie ATM, and alloy dosn't rust :down:

Suspention will probably consist of GT-R sway bars. I'm planning to put pretty good shocks in the car, tossing up between, Bilsein PSS9's, Penske 8300's, and MCA's at this stage. I've run revalved Bilsteins in the GT-R for the pas 3 years. But the setup is a compremise between wet and dry, the shocks can handle a varity of spring rates. But you can really change springs between stages if it starts to rain. Drummonds don't seem to be that durable, I've spoken to a few people this year that have had seizing, and over heating problems with them. I'm not in a hurry to spen money there, going to do lots of research before I hand my money over.

Since I live 20mins from Symmons, and it only cost me $65 to get on thetrack whenever I want, i'll be able to spent time to learn how to tune the shocks.

Running gear will be stock, with a clutch upgrade, and maybe a GT-R diff center.

The cage will be pretty extensive as it's going to tarmac rally. High and crossed over side intrusion bars. I'd like to extend the cage to the front towers, been looking at Duncans cage to work that out. Not sure what i'm going to do in the rear with the cage yet.

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If the Bens end up going Proflex, keep me in the loop. Good things come in threes :)

1180kg? Once i know how much my car owes me body wise i am keen to keep saving and get a carbon tailshaft and PPG gearset. Probably get better value out of that rather then upgrading suspension to Proflex from what i am currently running

If you have a few dollars for an RB20 PM me as i have come up with a pretty good RB20 combo that i am also keen to try when i get back to Aus :P It will be perfect for what you guys are doing.

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will be very interested in this build as well :(

my 32 is slowly coming along atm... not going to rip as much weight out as you but looking at having around 260rwkw so that might help me along a bit!!!

do both front and rear r32 gtr swaybars fit?!? i was considering whitelines (i know cusco are lighter and stiffer but im a jew)

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