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R32GTR Front and Rear Bar (Genuine) + Jun Front Lip

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R32GTR Front and Rear Bar (Genuine) + Jun Front Lip

Hi all,

Have been dormant on SAU for ages, but as my R32 build progresses I'll be selling a lot of parts. 

First up is the front and rear bar. Genuine items and I believe they're the originals (Nissan logo is stamped into the backs of them). Both are in very good condition for their age, with just the usual small nicks and swirl marks, but overall they're fantastic. The one exception being the drivers side of the front bar, which I brilliantly scraped along a concrete pillar, meaning you'll probably want to have it touched up professionally. 

I've attached a couple pics of the car with the kit on, so you get a proper idea of what they look like on. 

Also have a JUN carbon fibre front skirt, which attaches to the bar. Not sure if this is genuine JUN, but given that it appears to be carbon over an FRP base, I'd have to think it's not genuine JUN. Hard to know. Overall it's in great condition, with the exception being a few small pressure cracks in the clear coat from scraping speedhumps (have included photos where possible).

I'm way out of touch with the parts market, so I'm guessing on pricing. I guess if it's too high I'll end up having to bring the prices down. Too low and someone gets a good deal.

Front Bar: $400

Rear Bar: 300

Front Lip: $300

It's also worth noting that I'm both mechanically and technically useless, so I'm probably not going to know the answers to any even remotely obscure questions about the kit. 

Happy to post (would prefer pickup in the ACT) at buyers expense. Buyer will need to arrange own courier (postcode it'll be collected from is 2603)



Front Bar 1.JPG

Front Bar 3.JPG

Front Bar 4.JPG

Front Bar 5.JPG

Front Lip 1.JPG

Front Lip 2.JPG

Front Lip 3.JPG

Front Lip 4.JPG

Front Lip 5.JPG

Front Lip 6.JPG

Rear Bar 1.JPG

Rear Bar 2.JPG

Rear Bar 3.JPG

Rear Bar 4.JPG

Rear Bar 5.JPG

Front Bar 2.JPG




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