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IAT sensor configuration on adaptronic


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Morning All

Just wondering if i could get some assistance with getting my IAT sensor to work with my new adaptronic modular ECU (EMOD004). Its installed in an S2 R33 GTST RB25DET, fairly basic mods, top mount turbo and FFP etc etc

Ive tapped the sensor into the existing wiring for the AFM signal and ground like everyone does but still cant get a temperature reading through the ECU. I've relocated pin 27 to pin 37 (as requested by adaptronic customer support) for the signal and kept the AFM GND wire in its original location (pin 26).


Any advice would be great!



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I measured the voltage at the connection in the engine bay and with both wires coming off the sensor going to the afm signal and blue/white afm gnd wire, i got 0 V with ignition on but then i joined both afm grounds together to the ground wire on the sensor and it returned 4.3V...this made no difference to the temp. reading in the software though.

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Just measured resistance...5260 ohms at the connection in the engine bay and 5260 ohms at the pins off the ecu plug. Does this sound right?

I thought it was more an issue with how i'd configured the sensor in the software?


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Yes, but first step is always check the functioning of the sensor and the wiring, before spending hours f**king about with software. Nothing worse than chasing a physical problem from inside the computer!

If you can see the same resistance at the ECU as you can at the sensor, then at least the sensor's wires are making it all the way to the ECU. Now the only question is how that sensor is supposed to be supplied with voltage. Can you show us the recommended wiring diagram?

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Na fair call man, i agree. I also checked the delphi data sheet and with the resistance i got off the mulitmeter, atmospheric temp. should be between 10-15 degrees Celsius which checks out. 

I didn't use any wiring diagram as such, basically just the ECU pinout diagram that adaptronic supplied:

They recommend pin 36 for the IAT input but ive got the FICD solenoid input there and i want to retain my aircon, so i asked them and they said i can use pin 37 as an IAT input instead. Id be asking them for help but they take 2 days to reply to each email and theres no number i can call.

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Yeah, I think you might need more than just that pinout.

The ECU has to be configured to look at that pin. Have you done that?

How exactly is the rest of the wiring for the IAT supposed to be? Is the other side just earthed? Or is the other side supposed to be powered?

And, did you know that Adaptronic was bought by Haltech? So support should be via Haltech these days.

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Apologies for the delay, i've been mucking around with pins and settings all weekend and think i may have finally gotten the software to register a temp. reading.

It seems as though it was a grounding issue, i couldnt get a reading from pin 26 so i moved it to pin 30 and pulled out which i think it was the ECT ground. However, without the ECT ground connected the software still managed to register a coolant temp reading which i thought was strange.

What i'll do now is graft pin 26 to pin 30 or see if i can join the IAT ground wire to the ECT ground in the engine bay to prevent me hacking wires at the ecu connector.

I wasn't aware adaptronic was bought out by haltech, ill keep this in mind for future inquires, thanks for the heads up and appreciate the help!

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