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New RB26/30 9:1CR 87mm CP Forged Pistons (Wrong size for my car)

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Selling a brand new set of 9:1 CR CP Forged pistons to suit an RB26/30 with 87mm bore (1mm oversize) - The pistons cost $1,569inc GST from Spool.

Unfortunately the RB30 block I bought had been rebuilt and decked before (possibly twice) and the pistons I bought are 40 thou (1MM) over deck height. 

These pistons fit any RB30 block with an RB26 head. To salvage my build I have had to sell these and order another 87mm set from Spool with a 1mm higher pin height :(

There are small scratches on the inside of the piston where you fit the circlips which does not impact the piston.

Sale comes with:

6 x CP Forged pistons as in the spec sheet

6 x Standard Piston Pins

12 x Cir-clips

You will need to order 6 sets of rings from Spool with the part number 21-PVH08700 at about $45 a set.

I am chasing $750 plus postage which is a very reasonable amount considering the pistons minus the rings would be $1,156ex GST.

Please reply or email [email protected]IMG_4948.thumb.jpg.297fce4a15750198fd3bf387246293a8.jpg




IMG_4945 (1).jpg




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