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Twin plate clutch problems


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Hi guys, I have a v35 skyline I did a auto to manual swap in but now the clutch doesn't disengage. 

Clutch pedal has at least 120mm of throw (it bottom outs on the stop in the clutch bracket anyway so it's not how I've mounted the clutch pedal). 

I've bled the clutch at least 5 times there is no air in the lines.

I've checked with competition clutches the twin disk i bought from them is definitely compatible. 

New clutch release bearing, clutch plates are around the right way and aligned properly. 

Slave cylinder moves by about 20-25mm but for some reason clutch still doesn't disengage. 


Any ideas at all? 

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On 9/23/2020 at 1:07 PM, GTSBoy said:

One can only assume that you've assembled the throwout wrong.

Hi GTS, I've looked into the issue more and can confirm throwout is 100 percent correct. 

Its strange, with the car on the hoist in 1st gear you can't spin the tailshaft easily with clutch pedal down (disengaged). 

But with the car on the ground, if I clutch in with it in gear someone can easily push the car until I let the clutch out. 

Does that sound okay? 

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On 9/29/2020 at 7:48 PM, GTSBoy said:

Big difference between the amount of torque you can apply by trying to turn the tailshaft by hand and how much you can apply using 2x large leg muscles through the diff gearing.

No, it does not sound okay.

One of the clutch discs must've been bound up or something idk. 

I got frustrated with it and dumped the clutch on limiter, sat there doing a burnout for a good minute. 

Clutch now disengages and tailshaft easily can be turned by hand with clutch disengaged. 


Burnouts fix everything. 

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