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Correct wheel specs for an R34 GT + Z-Tune bodykit

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Hello all,

I have brought my R34 to the bodyshop to get the Z-Tune bodykit fitted. This also includes the rear overfenders. My wheel situation always was a bit rough so was wondering what theoretically would be the best option.

I was running 18", 8,5J ET35 all around with 20mm spacers in the back and 5 mm spacers in the front. (from memory, the car is at the bodyshop so can't verify) It was pretty tight as the car was also lowered, but I also noticed the fenders being rolled to make this fit.

Now I don't really know how much wider the overfenders will make the car, but I believe it's around 50 mm per side in the back and 20 mm per side in the front. 

I am not so familiar with all these calculations so I was hoping someone could verify some numbers and advise on what kind of wheel numbers I should be looking at to get a correct fitment without spacers (or as minimal as possible). I would like to keep 18".

I don't think I can compare it with a GT-R because I don't think the track width is the same.

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It's ~20mm on each side over the GTT. It depends on your ride height and whether you are cutting fenders at the back to fit the kit, because the inside metal guard will remain the same dimensions as stock, unless it is pulled out, or cut out.

Further to that, it really depends on what you consider "good specs" to be.

The real answer is measure. I've got the same kit and the same plans - And I've taken measurements... but I won't be taking final measurements until the bodykit is actually on the car, and I can measure it while it's on the ground because +2mm in theory may not be 2mm in practice, and that can ruin everything.

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Thanks Kinkstaah, will do just that. I was hoping to get some theory behind it and start looking for some good deals! But the best idea is to just be patient I guess..



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Yeah in my case I took my current wheels (18x9+30) and simply made some measurements to add +20mm to the outside edge of both.

I also noticed the inside edge of the rears has about 30-50mm of space. The front has like 0.1mm to the arm as it stands.

This leads to 18x10 +17 at the front, and something weird like 18x11+35 at the back. No wheels exist in these measurements which is why I'll have to go custom - And definitely measure and test some other wheels first.

By my maths 18x10.5+15 at the front should absolutely poke.

Yet it's a common size for the front of 33/34 GTR's, it could be:

1) it needs more low and more camber to fit
2) the rim actually pokes in all these setups
3) the geometry is different

Or all of the above. Which is why I'm waiting before I buy things...

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