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"Solid" vs. "Hinged" Strut Braces


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99% of the braces out there seem to be of the "hinged" type, a bar, pins at each end attached to plates screwed to the strut-tops.

Then there's the one on Nigel's Supra (picture attached) which has solid welds to the strut-top plates.

My thoughts would be the later offers a stiffer setup, as the hinged-type stop stuts moving apart = /, or together = / , but they wouldn't stop both moving the same direction = / / or . Whereas the solid-type would.

Now can anyone tell me how much, if any, of deal is this?

And why not throw the 3-anchor point type, 3rd one on the firewall, in to the mix too?

And does anyone know of a supplier for the solid-type as i've yet to see one?


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My experiences;

*The "solid type" crack at the welds if used on Australian (rough) roads for any period of time.

*The triangulated strut braces are better, but you should see the firewall damage if you have a front end accident.

*Moving "in the same direction" is not the issue, the idea is to retain the set alignment by linking the top suspension arm mounting points. If you think about it, maintaing the set negative camber on the outside wheel is a good thing, but it wouldn't hurt to loose a bit of negative camber on the inside wheel.

Hope I covered all of your questions:cheers:

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