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Interchangable Clutch With R33-1993 details

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He guys,

There was a thread posted last year in regardds to a clutch that i used on my R33

The clutch was a 4wd heavy duty clutch with was interchangable with my R33.

I found the reciept and the details area as follows to give u guys an idea;

The brand i think was a Daiken clutch kit.

Maybe we can use this a guideline of some sort in order to make sure some guys out there dont over charge us.

The clutch was replaced at 70,000km and my car has now clocked up 100,000km with no problems at all wit hthe clutch or adjustments.


Date 25/06/2003

Slacks Creek Brake and Clutch

20 Aranda St, Slacks Creek QLD 4127

Ph 07 3808 8193 Fax 07 3808 8584

Item Qty Descr Amount

DR 1002NHD 1 Clutch kit $285.00

GST $28.50

Total $28.50


The guys that installed it were as follows;



Gavin Wood Auto Tech

1/23 Gibbs St, Labrador QLD 4215

Ph 07 5529 2313 Fax 07 5563 8649

R&R Gearbox & clutch assembly

Machine Flywheel

Replace clutch kit with unit supplied

Replace spigott bush

Reassemble and road test vehicle


GST $23.36

Total $260.00


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