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A few problems with my new Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T

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I just bought a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T yesterday. So far everything is good and no major worries. (I'm a P Plater)

The only minor problem I have found has something to do with the turbo timer...?

When I turn it on, for lets say 1 min or 30 seconds, when I Lock the door, after the car turns off, the alarm goes off? I have no idea why...

This only seems to happen when I Lock the car, if i just leave it unlocked the alarm does not go off, and the car turns off normally.

Anyone know why?

Any suggestions would be nice!

And Also, is it best to use Premium petrol (i.e BP Ultimate?) Or is regular unleaded fine?

Thanks :)

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To be honest, if you can get it, stick to Premium 98 :-) The car's most probably been tuned/setup for premium, and if it was tuned in Japan, then it'll be for 100-102 RON fuel.... (as mine is) - You may get detonation etc, if the fuel mix leans out too far........

Ala Alarm - If the alarm's arming when the doors are locked, when the engine stops, you'll get a voltage drop, which the alarm could think is a door opening etc....

You might want to look into making sure the alarm doesn't arm until the turbo timer's finished.

Edit : Depending on your battery's condition, the drop may be quite substantial......

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