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some piccies of the stag and 26 engine :)


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hey cheers for the comments :(

hey tiger im not sure exactly because i bought it already lowered, i found the springs are apexi and yellow but shockies r stock nissan ones, sorry cant give u more info :rofl:

ill measure it when i get the front struts back on and that wont be for a week or so :rofl:


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hey happymeal yep i take all the photos myself :rofl:

latest update on the stag 26 conversion:

we have cut a 4" hole in the firewall to recess the clutch master vacuum booster into the cabin abit to clear the engine :)


pedal box is mounted and lines up perfecto with the other pedals :(

got the front struts off atm, and repainting all the underside of the gaurds, and struts/suspension stuff to clean it all up. getting the bonnet latch, radiator mounts and a few other bits and pieces chromed while they are off too cause they look like shit atm.

took a photo of the suspension springs and shocks, ones cleaned and ones how it looked when they came off the car :D


26 will be test fitted next weekend to check clutch master clearance and try out my new baffled enlarged gtr sump i just got :aroused:



gotta move the power steering resoviour to the front so i can fit two 3" intake pipes on the inlet side :D just needs two longer hoses (thankfully it aint the metal lines i gotta change)

gotta make the front pipes from dumps/cat convertor after that and then sort out the handbrake using a r33 one probably, then the tricky wiring and stuff is gonna be sorted by hyperdrive motorsport thankfully :D

so around end of january and it should be goin if everything goes to plan :rofl:



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oooh baby cant wait till you take the beast down to the track for a run down the quarter she should reel off a fairly impressive time ;)

what other mods are planned?

hey mate well plans atm are

rb26 engine

gtr 5 speed

twin plate clutch

highflowed turbos (stock housings, bigger wheels)

sard 700cc injectors

twin 3" k&n pod filters

3" cooler piping

3" intake pipes to turbos

bosch motorsport 044 fuel pump, and better intank pump (not sure what yet)

gtr intercooler

autronics smc ecu :rant:

custom BOV

oil catch can

external oil filter kit

enlarged and baffled sump

in the vl it made 350rwhp only revvin to 7200rpm, and can rev to 8500rpm but i told him to be easy incase something is worn and i really wanted to use it abit b4 i blew it up :rant:

thats the stuff i have atm from the vl so next upgrades are...

apexi or similiar 100mm+ cooler

hks 2530 turbos

with those 2 mods alone my tuner reckons power will go from 350rwhp with highflows to 450rwhp with 2530s and cooler, boost :(

and the 2530s will be more responsive than the highflow turbos as mine are slightly laggier than stock gtr ones and hks 30s r the same as stockies :headspin:

so in the vl it did 12.0 @ 118mph (low 11s roughly) thats on slicks too.

with 4wd it should be a 12 second car for sure :) and with the 2530s maybe 11s on street tyres is possible :)

sure will shock the local hsv/xr6T guys :rofl:

a volvo shaped wagon eating there 80K hsv :aroused:

thats enough from me



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dont forget i want a ride brad :(

gary mate you will hear from me when its goin and ill take u for a spin :headspin:

also tomorrow im test fitting the rb26 engine in for the first time :( to check clutch booster clears the plenum and then we gotta make new exhuast from the 3" dump pipes (already made from VL install) to the single 3" cat back system on the stagea at the moment, so we will run twin 3" upto a merging pipe and into a single high flow cat or one of those really $$$ ones they tested in a recent zoom or HPI magazine that flowed heaps better than normal high flow units.

piccies to come and info as it happens



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Looking good so far.... Also looking forward to seeing you out and about on the streets in the future....you need to bring it to a SAUWA event in future so I can check it out.... Always been interested in the Stagea's and their potential :D

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no worries gary :cheers:

and yes ill be cruisin in the future for sure :)

recently put 4wd sump onto engine and installing engine in bay for final time tomorow :) had to remake the front turbo dump pipe to clear the passenger side driveshaft on the sump.

as i said in other post the handbrake is done now using r33 one

and in a few weeks it should be a goooer :headspin:



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