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Mokup R33 to R34?? survey!!

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There is some guy selling URAS front guards, to suit a R33 skyline, he is after 1000$, and there is a few ppl interested in them. You will also need all other genuine r34 gtr parts, like bonnet, headlights, f/bar, reinforcement, radiator support.

It all adds up to about 6K roughly, maybe more.

Im just thinking why the hell would you wanna ruin the nice front end of the r33, by moking it up to a r34 GTR, it like there is absoultely no point man.

I rather invest that money on some engine components, or a nice paintjob, or modify anyhow the 33 but not moking it to a 34. thaz just BS.


ahh yeh check this idiot out, mokin up his CIVIC to a GTR,,, what a stupid ass.


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its fair enuff to make ur car look unique, but not to make it something thats not it.

its allready bad how many ppl got GTR badges on theirs GTS, or type R on every honda, but to moke up ur car to a complete other model, thaz just too much i recon.

plus the arseend doesnt resamble the front end, coz the front end is like all puffd up, and bolcky, and then you got the arse end stockish r33 style. nehhhhh just doesnt do it for me.

and fcuk 6K to modyfy it to look like a 34, shittttt put that much money on ya 33 and u can nearly buy the 34 for that.

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lol @ makin a thread about this dude let the guy sell his gaurds ffs

ok ya wanna invest ya $$ in some thin else like engine mods...

well say ya have already spent 30 gs on ya engine ya already got a show qualtiy paint job

and ya car still doesnt look unique enough for your satisfaction why not play around wit front cuts etc etc....


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