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cruise the swan valley in July...


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For those of u who didnt see my last post (it was a while ago) and we managed to change our minds on the location during that time.

I'm lookin for 3 skylines for my wedding in July (8 months away...not that I'm counting) to suprise my fiance' whose from the states.

He would die if a gun metal grey 2 door GTR rolled up to pick him and the boys up.

Now the cars for the girls....preferably 4 doors due to the marshmellow style dresses. I dont really care model the girls end up with, Just as long as they look nice and we can get into them. :D

So anyone whose willing to go for a drive in to the hills and around the swan valley...I'de be forever grateful.

thanks guys,

-Li :headspin:

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i have a 4 door dark blue gtst r32, id be more than happy also, and i live near swan valley, one prob tho, if you have big dresses, theres about as much leg room in the back of a 4 door as there is in a 2 door, which is ****all, it might be a bit of an issue!

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