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Find of the week???


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lol i got my old man a model of his cefiro for christmas. Cost me just under 35 bucks. But I know I'll be having most of the fun with the model. Now if I can find something to make it look like a scaled down 2.5" catback exhaust.

Chances are my dad will step on it, crush it, slip backwards and put a kink in his backbone due to it.

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my brother bought me a model cefiro from HLJ.com. i build a lot of models in my spare time when i find time... hehehe

a company called aoshima has produced three model kits of the cefiro in the past, two versions of the "drift machine series" (with cool wheels n all) and one "hi-power version"

the drift machine series cefiros were scrapped as most of the parts didn't fit up and were refreshed by the ""hi-powerversion" ceffy,

that's my understanding of it anyway...

having said that, you guys have gotta see what i got my brother for crissy!!!! next week after cris i'll post up the pics!

and more pics of my car!!!! YAYUMS!


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